We’ve spent years in Europe working with truffles and gourmet food products and decided that we had to bring the flavour back home…so we did.

With our love and support for the local market, we are working with the best, product-loving individuals which plays a big part in introducing Africa to Europe in a burst-of flavour-in-the-mouth jar. We are the first to deliver a combination of the best from both worlds. The first to produce truffle products in South Africa!

Currently we produce three flavoursome truffle products:

Luxury Truffle Honey , Kalahari Desert Truffle Salt and Truffle Mayonnaise.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves in supplying the finest and rarest of indigenous and exotic honeys sourced from the Western Cape as well as the rest of South Africa.

May you enjoy our added premium range as much as we do!


FlavourUnion has an intense marketing, product development and advertising background. We develop products which compliments your specific brand, putting emphasis on the style and branding while creating the perfect market place..

We have successfully developed food brands for our current clients, including Spier, Poetry and The Cape Castle.